Originally from the Philadelphia suburbs (Go Birds), she first began shooting photography when she was 13 years old and went on to study Photography at Savannah College of Art & Design. She began her career in New York, working on the agency side art directing, shooting, producing and occasionally driving 15 passenger vans through midtown traffic.
She now solely focuses on photography, shooting for a variety of advertising clients, with a focus on food, product, and lifestyle work. She also really enjoys shooting on film with her Mamiya 645. Her signature style is bright, colorful and optimistic (like her!).

When she's not shooting, Sarah is most likely painting or can frequently be found in New York City’s bustling flower district, shooting both personal work and negotiating the price of ranunculus. Like her photography work, she incorporates color and shape to evoke feelings of happiness in her art. She has done commissions for many, and loves photographing her paintings. She now lives in Brooklyn with her husband, a badass Senior Producer. 

She also loves Thai food, interior design, big hats, and Star Wars.

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